Tuesday 24 May 2016

Procurement Notice: Technical personnel for “The Registration of the Kurdistan Regional Government Public Sector Wage Earners in a Centralized Biometric Digital System” Project

Section: Software / IT Personnel

The aim of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is to reform and restructure the public sector employment. In an effort to achieve this, the KRG is committed to the establishment of a centralized Biometric Digital System to register all public sector wage earners. The project will be implemented in coordination with KRG Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance.

The technical implementation of the project will be overseen by the Department of Information Technology at the Council of Ministers (DIT). The department will be responsible for making the necessary changes to the current infrastructure in terms of hardware, software and licensing.

Additionally, the department will manage to develop the required custom software for the purposes mentioned above.

For the purpose of in-house software development, the interested parties are required to provide their skilled personnel to assist and work on the project at the Department of Information Technology according to the attached skills matrix.

The execution time for the project is 18 months (for all project phases), starting from the day after the contract is signed.

The penalty delay for providing the requested personnel for each day is fifty thousand Iraqi dinars. This penalty will be applied within the project duration.

All serious bidders are invited to express their interest within seven days, after the publication of this announcement to be shortlisted. Kindly, send your interest of participation and signed company (Technical and Financial) profiles to the following e-mail address:

E-mail to: tendering@gov.krd

Attachments: Company profile & Resource qualifications

Signed on 23 May 2016


Company Profile:

  1. To be officially registered and present in Kurdistan Region – Iraq (KRI) for at least last 3 years.
  2. Specialized in custom software development.
  3. To have a portfolio of implemented projects in KRI.
  4. Preferably skilled in the field of biometric software development.
  5. To be Microsoft partner and preferably have partnership with NeuroTechnology and HP.


Resource qualifications:




Web Developer

ASP.Net, MVC 5, WEB API, JavaScript, Ajax HTML5, CSS3 Bootstrap base, jQuery.


Windows Forms Developer

C#, WPF, C++.


SQL Developer

MS SQL 2012/2014


Biometric Developer

Familiar with NeuroTechnology SDKs or Griaule Biometrics SDKs, deduplication of biometric data and biometric matching server technologies.