Thursday 12 May 2016

Procurement Notice For “The Registration of the Kurdistan Regional Government Public Sector Wage Earners in a Centralized Biometric Digital System” Project

The aim of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is to reform and restructure the public sector employment. In an effort to achieve this, the KRG is committed to the establishment of a centralized Biometric Digital System to register all public sector wage earners. The project will be implemented in coordination with KRG Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance.

The technical implementation of the project will be overseen by the Department of Information Technology at the Council of Ministers (DIT). The department will be responsible for making the necessary changes to the current infrastructure in terms of hardware, software and licensing. Additionally, the department will manage the purchase of new equipment for the Data-Center.

The execution time for the project is thirty five days, starting from the day after the contract is signed. The penalty delay for each day is two million and two hundred fifty thousand Iraqi dinars.

All serious bidders are invited to express their interest within seven days, after the publication of this announcement to be shortlisted. Kindly, send your interest of participation and company profile to the following e-mail address.



12 May 2016



General conditions to be considered when making a bid are as follows.


Cisco Certified/IRAQ

Cisco Advanced Certifications

Gold Partner
Advanced Data Center Architecture from Cisco ATP
Data Center Unified Computing
(The bidder should provide the Authorization letter from Cisco).


VMWare Partner/IRAQ



EMC Partner/IRAQ

At least Silver Partner.
(The bidder should provide the Authorization letter from EMC).


Reference Letter

The bidder should provide reference of successfully implementing similar projects (Data Center) in Kurdistan.


Local Presence

The bidder should have an office in Kurdistan Region – Iraq and to be able to support DIT on premises technically and provide hardware replacement/warranty/guaranty for NBD (Next Business Day).


Registered legally in Kurdistan/Iraq

The company should be registered in Kurdistan Region – Iraq.



The items listed in the bill of quantity should be covered with support/warranty for a period of three years starting from equipment delivery date.


Support Services

The bidder should provide installation, configuration, activation and training of the provided solution.

The minimum support and troubleshooting period is three years.