About Department of Information Technology

KRG Department of Information Technology (DIT) is leading development of IT and modernization of public services in the Kurdistan Region and was established in March 2007 under the auspices of H.E the Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani.

Vision Statement:

"Empowering the citizens, government and businesses, by the means of information technology, to interact smoothly, contributing to economy, education, well-being, transparency and efficiency in the Kurdistan Region"

Mission and Strategy:

Driving technological development in the region, DIT is currently implementing the IT Blueprint for E-Government focusing on the following domains:

  1. Strengthening IT capacity in the region through education and training;
  2. Designing and implementing a connected and secure IT infrastructure;
  3. Providing clear IT governance and leadership for government-wide programs;
  4. Creating government-wide IT applications, including utilities, data hubs and E-services;
  5. Encouraging the emergence of a dynamic IT industry;
  6. Pursuing the adoption of sound IT policy;
  7. Ensuring efficient and transparent mechanisms for IT investment.